Walking with Students in Jamaica: The Blessings of Campus Ministry

Written by Brendan O’Leary

A cap and gown can be stifling in the Caribbean heat. None the less, I was so happy to be seated with fellow faculty on stage for the graduation ceremony for the Catholic College of Mandeville. CCM is a school founded by Passionist Sister Una O’Connor, that offers Diploma, Bachelors, and Masters degrees in Primary Education. The graduation stands as the answering of a call to transform education here in Jamaica for the better.

Though I do not teach at CCM, I occupy the role of campus minister; that day it had me leading the invocation for graduation. What I truly received the most from that day was the reflection on my accompaniment at CCM. As I watched students cross the stage for their degrees and diplomas, I was reminded of the little conversations, moments, and laughs we may have shared the past year. As they walked that day, I was reminded of how I walked with them.

Truly to be a PVI and Campus minister is a blessing!

Brendan is a Passionist Volunteer International currently serving in Mandeville, Jamaica, West Indies

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