Lessons on and off the Court: Coaching Basketball at Black River High School in Jamaica

Written by Sean Clores

After 2 months of preparation, the Varsity Basketball team at Black River High School played in its first game. Since the beginning of my time here, part of my work has been to help rebuild the program, which had been dormant for the past few years.  It’s hard for me to describe our season so far because we are right in the middle of it, but I feel something good is happening. From looking at the scoreboard, our first two games seem very forgettable, and maybe the outside perspective is bleak, but we see it differently. These boys are working toward something much bigger than themselves. They have learned to work together and push each other for the sake of the team. Through these challenges, the team has stuck together and is always striving to get better on and off the court. That’s really what this is all about.  Obviously, we plan to get better every practice and every match, but we also understand that success can’t be measured in wins and losses this year. We are trying to start something much bigger that will take time to develop. I don’t know how the rest of the season will go. I don’t know what will happen after this year. Either way, I know how grateful I am to be here.  Having the chance to coach these boys, and learn from all these situations, is a great gift.  I hope I always remember that, no matter what lies ahead.

Sean is a Passionist Volunteer International currently serving in Mandeville, Jamaica, West Indies

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