Elly Lemons Learns To Play “Rain Ball”

This past Sunday I brought the “big boys” team to Mount St. Joseph, which is the school I live at, to play football.  I coach two football teams at St. John Bosco Boys Home. One we call the “little boys” team and the other is the “big boys” team. The younger boys are U-15 and below and the older boys are U-16 and above. I had initially only planned on coaching one team, but after I held the first practice for the big boys, the next day a couple of the younger boys came up to me and literally handed me a list of the boys that were going to be on the little boys team.  I just laughed.  I guess I was going to be coaching two teams.  How on earth was I supposed to coach two teams when I had never coached before and haven’t seriously played football in eight years?  It’s a huge work in progress and a lot of work, but I’m trying and I am really enthusiastic about it.  Sometimes I have trouble getting to sleep because I get so excited… No joke.  I know it is something that these boys look forward to, and I love giving them the opportunity to do something that really gets them fired up.  This past Sunday I was so happy because I could see how happy all of the boys were.

In Jamaica, when it’s raining, everyone stays inside and doesn’t do a thing.  We didn’t follow that trend by any means on Sunday.  As soon as I pulled up to Bosco to collect the boys and bring them to Mount St. Joseph, it started raining.  By the time we reached the field it was POURING.  I had set up a scrimmage with some of Katie’s boys from Albion Gully (a community that she works in) and I was determined for them to scrimmage because they are always and I mean ALWAYS asking me to set up a match.  I left the boys standing under a roof and then I went and collected more of the boys because they all couldn’t fit in one trip.  I was worried that I was going to find them all still standing under the roof when I returned.  COMPLETE OPPOSITE.  I was so happy to see that when I returned with the rest of the boys they were already all on the field playing.

I was right out there beside them.  In seconds I was soaking wet, but it didn’t matter.  Katie was out there with me watching her boys too.  Ross and Brian were also playing American football and sliding everywhere.  It was such a fun atmosphere.  I couldn’t stop laughing because the boys were slipping and sliding every second.  They would fall and get up and start laughing hysterically.  Some tackled others on purpose just so they would fall and get a good laugh.  I think another reason why they had so much fun was because they aren’t allowed to play football when its raining.  

After the scrimmage ended, I brought out sandwiches I had made for them beforehand and also some cupcakes and donuts that I had decided to buy for them.  I never really get a thank you, but a couple of the boys came up to me after and said that “I was being so nice today” and were thankful that I had brought food for them.  They couldn’t believe that I brought out food for them.  It was funny watching their faces light up.  I didn’t even need a thank you, though.  Seeing all of them laughing during the whole scrimmage was enough.  The laughing continued when they thought it would be a good idea to take the lemonade in the cooler and come up behind and poor it all over me.  I wasn’t too upset though… After all I was already completely soaking wet by the rain.

I usually cannot stand the rain.  But this past Sunday I was grateful for it.  It was one of my most memorable days in Jamaica thus far.  So thank you… Thank you God for the rain that brought about so much laughter and created such a fond memory.

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