The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Being In Jamaica

1. No use in complaining about the heat… Even the Jamaicans think it’s unbelievably hot.

2. The best way to secretly prolong something in order to get more time is by saying ‘soon come.’ Soon come in Jamaica could be 1 min, or 1 year.

3. A “long day at work” is getting the opportunity to hear the lives of the elderly in an infirmary, then heading over to play football with teenaged boys for a few hours. Life isn’t so bad in the Caribbean.

4. Jamaicans are very proud people. In the purest sense of the word as a virtue. They are proud to be Jamaican. And they are proud of all the work they do. It’s incredible to witness and be a part of.

5. Everyone is family. Seriously though, everyone.

6. God is arguably the single most important thing on this island. Every person here has a belief in God that is so deep and so raw that you’re almost guaranteed to have at least one conversation a day about his powers and existence.

7. Patience truly is a virtue.

8. There is nothing in this world more exhilarating than watching Usain Bolt win a race with a crowd full of Jamaicans.

9. The exterior of Jamaica is as beautiful as the interior of the Jamaican people.

10. Our God is the same God here as He is at home. Never has anything been so clear and so true to me than that statement. He is a God of love, compassion, and truth. He protects and blesses all people, especially those that need it most.