In Remembrance of Brook Lahr, PVI

Dear PVIs,

Thursday, April 21st marks the third anniversary of death of Brooke Lahr, PVI Honduras, August 2010 – October 2011, a poignant memory for PVI.  While employed with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos in Cuernavaca, Mexico, Brooke suffered a fatal vehicular accident while on holiday in Acapulco.


I’m thinking particularly these days of Mark and Colleen, Brooke’s parents, as well as her PVI Talanga community, Melissa, Chanel, Molly, Rosi and Andrew. They would P1040291_2_2agree that she was an exceptional, outstanding and cherished PVI.  She committed herself totally to accompaniment and service as she walked with the people of Talanga along with those in the surrounding villages like Majada Verde.  She also provided a quality and faithful presence with her housemates, a true PVI team player.


One of her housemates described her, “intuitive, innately compassionate and above all else generous with her time, energy and love.   She followed her dream, which was only beginning, but in her passing continues to inspire and motivate others to continue her mission of caring for the marginalized of today.”


I share Brooke’s words about a relationship that grew from her days of accompaniment in Talanga.  Befriending 91 year old Doña Manuela made all the difference in Brooke’s PVI year.  It was then that Brooke felt that Talanga was home.  “Even when we couldn’t understand each other, coffee together was the highlight of both our days.  She was my hardest good bye and my most anticipated reunion.”   Not too long after leaving Honduras, Brooke heard of Doña Manuela’s death, and she wrote, “This morning I lost the chance to see her again. I wish more people would have had the privilege to know you. Doña Manuela, Te quiero mucho.  Que duerme con los angelitos! [I love you very much. May you sleep with the angels.]”


Brooke Lahr PVI deserves to be remembered and esteemed by PVIs.  I have engaged her in PVI’s on-going life and service by regularly asking her to pray for us.  Having walked the PVI Journey I’m confident she will help us.


Te quieremos muchos Brooke.

Que dureme con los angelitos,





Fr. Lucian CP