Glass Half Full by Jessica Villatoro

Half way through the year and the bittersweet feeling of leaving begins to hit. People back home are starting to wonder what you’ll be doing when you get back and the people who have become family are starting to say that you don’t have as much time left. Our first six months flew and we all know the second half of the year means it will fly just as fast. Now is  the time to do the things we want to do if it hasn’t been done yet. As any PVI knows this is the time when you truly feel just how close you have become with those you have been serving. Though with all that said its important to keep what we’ve learned in mind as well. You live with a “take each day a day at a time” here. Jamaicans truly believe in not worrying about a thing or as little as possible. They all know that every thing will work out in the end regardless of what you may have wanted or expected. Each day is a blessing so treat as one.  

Thinking of what I would like to take back would be this sort of mentality. Over foreign, its easy to get worked up over the little things and not seeing the best of every situation. Worrying about the schedule that you must keep, juggling more than five things a day at a time and that is definitely a mentality that you soon realize doesn’t exist here. You meet so many people that despite their circumstances they feel beyond blessed with just living. This will for sure be one thing that I would like to take with me. With a glass half full now it is expected that the glass will be full by the end of the year with all the people, places and experiences that we have experienced here. Living in paradise with so much love. One love, One Heart.