Passionist Volunteers International


Do you feel called to serve the less fortunate?

Passionist Volunteers are recent college graduates, as well as men and women with work or professional experience who serve and live in community in order to share spirituality and faith during their time of service.

Would you like to walk with the crucified of today?

Passionist volunteers are people who want to use their unique gifts, talents, and experience to accompany the poor and suffering. The Spirit impels us to proclaim the power and wisdom of God's love and to affirm the dignity of every person, especially the crucified of today.

Are you interested in crossing boundaries and cultures

to help those in need?

Passionist Volunteers International dedicate themselves in service to the rural poor of Jamaica, West Indies, as well as those in Talanga, Honduras, including AIDS sufferers. Volunteers commit to one or two years of international service to aid in the troubled journey of others.


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