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During orientation, we were asked to create a mission statement to guide our service in Jamaica. We were given almost no direction and, as a result, produced seven unique and different plans of action for the next year. Some were sentimental, a few were poetic, and one was an amazing extended metaphor of a hike […]

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More often than not my bouts of access to the Internet are consumed with long overdue correspondences with friends and family. Recently, however, as I procrastinate writing articles for the Diocese of Mandeville at my desk job, I took time to scroll through my facebook newsfeed. Quite frankly I was left curious but most of […]

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I met Dave Simpson on a Thursday morning.  Dave was walking next to one of the ubiquitous sugar cane fields on one of the ubiquitous serpentine island roads from Mandeville to Knockpatrick. After struggling through a patois-laden and broken phone conversation for at least ten minutes, Sister Helen and I stumbled across tall and unassuming […]