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My Family by Tania

One Tuesday morning back in March at about four in the morning, I received a call from one of the mothers in Albion Gully, a community where I work on youth and community development. I answered thinking it might be an emergency, and I could hear Prim, as she is often referred as, filled with […]

Lindsay Papsin finds more pieces of the puzzle

Just the other day, as I made my way up the hill to the entrance of Somerset Basic School, I was almost toppled over as I was swarmed with knee-high hugs from my students shouting “Miss Lindsay!,” “Good morning teacher!,” and “Miss a-come!”  The principal of the school gently corrected them, saying, “You must call […]

Casey Schell, enjoying the simple things

Over the past two weeks Jamaica has played host to a group of volunteers from Wisconsin called Helping Hands. These adults come to the island to help out with various building projects- restoring school playgrounds, houses, roofs, even building beds.  For the first part of their recent trip they visited the clinic in Maggoty. The […]

Tania spreads the joy of Christmas

As Christmas time approached in Jamaica, the central question became how I would handle spending the holiday season away from home.  To be honest, I was a bit nervous. Whereas in the states, the holiday season is usually a break from school and work, it was much busier in Jamaica. I was not only planning […]

Kyle Grant finds his niche

There is no shortage of energy in the students of St. Margaret Mary in Lionel Town, where I am a teacher’s assistant.  I help with the Computer and Physical Education classes for grades one through six, and have felt a strong connection to all of my students from the beginning.  Unlike my work in the […]