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Junot Diaz, in his novel The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, recounts the protagonist’s trip from New York to the Dominican Republic to see his family. The novel, though about the Dominican Republic, is startlingly evocative of the entire Caribbean. Oscar, the novel’s hero, talks about the “whirligig that was life” in his […]

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Written by Brendan O’Leary ‘Respect’ is a common salutation and valediction in Jamaica, the word often exchanged as a nicety in conversation between individuals. However, the colloquial use of respect only shadows a cultural and human importance of respect here. In Jamaica, more than it impacts communication, respect develops association and validation between people. The […]

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Current PVI Sean Clores created a video about his volunteer experience for a scholarship competition. He didn’t win the scholarship, but he made the top 10! Congrats Sean!! Now he’s in a follow-up contest against the other 9 videos. Winning depends on people’s votes. Click on the link below for the contest. Go vote for Sean Clores […]