What is the deadline for application?

The deadline for Final Applications is JANUARY 31st. We also offer a second deadline, MARCH 21st, depending on available placements. (Preliminary Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, Final Applications are issued only after an interview.)

Who is eligible to apply?

We are looking for healthy, flexible, creative men and women, especially self starters and self-motivators who also have the ability and desire to serve those in need. Volunteers must have: sound physical and mental health, high school diploma, college degree or comparable work experience, willingness to live and share their faith in a community setting. (Most of our applicants are recent college graduates.)   Sharing life and spirituality in community is an essential part of the program. Also, a healthy sense of humor is always welcome!

What service sites are available?

Passionist Volunteers International operates in a variety of some thirty service sites throughout Mandeville, and in three civil parishes, Manchester, St. Elizabeth and Clarendon, located in the central region of Jamaica. Our volunteers serve in clinics, schools, children’s homes, homes for the elderly and infirm and in impoverished communities among others.

How many volunteers are accepted each year?

We can take 6-8 volunteers for Jamaica ( 4-6 from US and Canada; 4-6 from Jamaica and Canada). Program favors a reasonable gender mix.

What benefits does the program offer its volunteers?

PVI provides its volunteers with:

  1. Health insurance
  2. Transportation to and from service site
  3. Room and board
  4. Modest monthly stipend for personal needs
  5. A shared vehicle
  6. Stipend for public transportation and gas

Do I have to fundraise to be a part of the program?

The Passionist Community and Passionist Volunteers International accept a costly commitment for training, placement, supervision and maintenance of our Volunteers. In order that the Passionist Volunteers have a sense of responsible stewardship, it is important that each Volunteer make a concerted effort in appealing for funds in support of his/her PVI life and service.

The Program suggests a goal to which we ask each Volunteer to aim for and that is agreed upon at the Discernment Weekends. We recognize that each one’s circumstances are distinct and personal, some have opportunities that others don’t have. Experience has shown us that some will be able to raise funds far exceeding the suggested goal. Others, in spite of their best efforts, won’t reach that goal. For this reason we present a goal, not a requirement. At the same time, we expect each Volunteer to have a sense of responsible stewardship to use conscientiously the opportunities available to promote PVI’s financial stability.

To help with each individual’s fund appeal efforts, the PVI Development Office will provide materials, along with a former PVI to assist as a mentor. 

What are my time commitments if I choose to follow through with the accepting process?

Serious applicants are expected to attend one of two Discernment Weekends. The weekend, Friday to Sunday afternoon, is the final step towards acceptance. Those accepted to the program are expected to depart for Jamaica in early July for a three-week, in-country Orientation. Following their formal Commissioning Ceremony, Volunteers will begin their year of service, extending through July 31st of the following year. 

Does PVI offer loan deferments?

Applicants with loans are responsible for negotiating any deferments with their loan companies. PVI can help direct candidates to information, but we do not offer any money in the way of repayment. PVI staff will provide any necessary documents to help in the deferment process.

Can I leave my site-country to attend a wedding or special event back home?

In the interest of continuity of presence both for the PVI team as well as for the local communities served, ordinarily Passionist Volunteers serve out their commitment without returning home. Circumstances may arise that would make a visit home necessary or advisable, e.g. for a family wedding. Nonetheless, PVI expects that the Volunteers provide a consistent on-site service commitment. 

Volunteers who extend service for a second year are offered the time to make a home visit between service terms; travel expense for such a visit is born by the Program.

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