Meet Our 2018 – 2019 Volunteers!

Our group of four PVI’s came to us from across the United States to begin their year of service in Jamaica this past July. After a month long in-country orientation program, they began work in their various missions. Our volunteers live in community with one another and participate in shared community meals and spirituality nights as a part of their volunteer commitment.

Read below to learn more about them!

Erin Curtin

Erin Curtin is from Buffalo, New York and graduated from John Carroll University.  She graduated with a degree in Sociology and Criminology with minors in Statistics and Catholic Studies.  Erin has worked with juvenile delinquents, refugees, domestic violence victims, as well as those who have been previously incarcerated.  In her free time, she loves to read, play soccer, and go on adventures.  While living in Jamaica, she is most excited to explore the island and adventure to Lover’s Leap and Blue Mountain!

Marissa Radziwiecki

Marissa Radziwiecki grew up in East Chicago, Indiana and graduated from Indiana University Bloomington where she earned a degree in Psychology and Clinical Science.  In her free time, she enjoys singing, playing music, painting, and dancing.  Marissa experienced life outside of the U.S. when she travelled to India through her university’s study abroad program.  She saw the impact that the caste system had on the people and she became inspired to help others in any way possible.  While being in Jamaica, she is most excited to spend time with the people, especially when learning the Jamaican dances!

Maggie Sceski

Maggie Sceski grew up in Oxford, Pennsylvania and graduated from Villanova University with a degree in nursing.  During her time at Villanova, she went on a medical mission trip to Argentina where she was exposed to poverty first hand and was able to accompany the people in the communityAside from travelling, she enjoys a variety of things such as listening to music, reading, hiking, and cooking.  Maggie is excited to put her nursing degree to use while being in Jamaica, but she’s especially excited to learn how to cook some jerk chicken!

KTB English

KTB English recently graduated from John Carroll University with a major in Sociology and Criminology as well as a minor in Peace, Justice, and Human Rights.  She grew up in Rockville, Maryland where she fostered her enjoyment of reading and writing as well as hiking and traveling. KTB travelled to El Salvador and Honduras during her time at JCU where she enjoyed learning in a cross-cultural setting.  As she settles in Jamaica, she is excited to build relationships with the people in her sites, explore the beautiful land, and learn how to speak Patois!  

Jessica Villatoro

Jessica Villatoro is from Houston, Texas and recently graduated from St. Edward’s University.  She graduated with a degree in Behavioral Neuro Science.  In her spare time, she likes to run, read, and go hiking.  Jessica also has a passion for hearing people’s stories and learning about their culture.  She was able to do this when she went on an alternative spring break trip to El Paso, Texas where she learned more about the immigration issue in the United States.  She is excited to learn about Jamaica, and is especially looking forward to explore the open spaces and the ocean surrounding the island!