Meet Our 2016 – 2017 Volunteers!

Our group of four PVI’s came to us from across the United States to begin their year of service in Jamaica this past July. After a month long in-country orientation program, they began work in their various missions. Our volunteers live in community with one another and participate in shared community meals and spirituality nights as a part of their volunteer commitment.

Read below to learn more about them!

Amy Byrne


Amy Byrne recently graduated from Merrimack College with a double major in Global Nutrition and Health and Environmental Studies and Sustainability, with a minor in Economics. Amy is from Plymouth, Massachusetts, where she enjoyed her childhood growing up with her mother’s daycare providing her with plenty of friends to play with. Amy loves yoga, Christmas music, and cooking for others because of the way it slows people down and makes them come together to enjoy each other’s company. In the coming year Amy says she hopes to “find simple pleasures in each day and fully embrace solidarity with my PVI community and those I serve.”

Stacy Dahl


Stacy Dahl graduated from St. Catherine University with a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Management. As a business major, she enjoyed learning how to negotiate and communicate effectively with others. Stacy is a native of Minnesota and has extensive volunteer experience ranging from an eMentor for Middle Schoolers, to serving at a Women’s Home, to creating environmental awareness. With her college’s Campus Ministry, Stacy had the opportunity to deepen her faith on a Pilgrimage trip to Italy, and she wishes to share her faith with others in order to gain a deeper relationship with God. Her interests include reading, writing poetry, and enjoying the outdoors through hiking, swimming, and camping. This year Stacy is looking forward to learning more about the culture of Jamaica, and learning how to “make one or two Jamaican dishes!”

Angelina Huber


Angelina Huber grew up in Thompson, Ohio and graduated in May from John Carroll University with a major in Biochemistry. Angelina has been on mission trips to build houses in New Jersey and New York and was student coordinator on the second of two immersion trips to New Orleans. Angelina’s interests include singing in her school choir and theatre, which lead her to be part of musicals, one-act play, and two murder mysteries! With her experience of more than 20 musicals and shows, Angelina hopes to incorporate her love of theater with her service this year. Angelina is most looking forward to “sharing the love of Christ with everyone” whom she meets this coming year!

Maxwell Linnville


Maxwell Linnville grew up in Boone, North Carolina and graduated in May from Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, Indiana. Max majored in Business with minors in Theology and Global Perspectives and was on the baseball team for three years, during which time he was captain for a year. He enjoys traveling and has been to Uganda with his school, which he was inspired to visit by the non-profit organization Wine to Water. Max is excited to see the island of Jamaica and get to know the people within the communities in which he will be serving. While in Jamaica Max “truly wants to find Christ in the people” that he serves. He also experimented in raising chickens during college, which he believes would be interesting to pursue in Jamaica as well!