1. Anyone interested should fill out and return the Preliminary Application to the administration office. Email or mail is acceptable.

  2. Once the preliminary application is received, PVI staff will contact the applicant to schedule an interview. Interviews are normally conducted over the phone unless the applicant’s location is convenient.

  3. Following a successful interview, the FINAL Application materials are mailed or emailed to the applicant. Once fully completed, all materials are to be returned to the PVI office by JANUARY 31st, or March 14th if the second deadline is in effect.

  4. Final Applications are reviewed by an admissions committee and selected applicants will be invited to the discernment weekend. (Not all final applicants will be invited).

  5. Selected applicants take part in a formal discernment and interview weekend. PVI issues final decisions after the weekend. The Applicant accepted to serve has two weeks to confirm a decision to accept PVI’s.

  6. Departure is in early July for the Jamaica service site. Volunteers begin their time in Jamaica with a three-week, in-country Orientation. Attendance at this orientation is mandatory. Any major time conflicts may prevent one’s acceptance into PVI.


Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at pvimission@gmail.com

  • The application process takes some time to complete, so please allow adequate time

  • PRELIMINARY Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

  • Note that the first due date for FINAL applications is JANUARY 31st

  • Depending on available space, the second round applications are due March 21st